My All Time Fav Products

Heyyyyy Beautiessss

On this page you will find a list of all of ALL-TIMEEEEEE favourite products!! These are products I grab/gravitate towards a lot, and use constantly on and a day to day basis. A lot of products don't make it here and these are my ride or die products!


Ella Bache Sunguard SPF 50 Foundation


This foundation is my GO TO favourite foundation that I have worn for years and years and repurchased soooo many refills. I have tried so many foundations throughout the years, and still do try new ones, but nothing ever comes close to Ella Bache foundation!!!

It is extremely high coverage, quite heavy and designed to not sweat off at the beach in summer and it isn't for everyone, but it's my favourite product EVER and if I had to pick between one product and get rid of the rest, I would chose this foundation and be fine!!!

If this was ever discontinued, I would have a break-down!! Seriously, makes me anxious thinking about it lol!!


The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is a duo-end brow pencil that contains a spooly on one side and a slanted, angled tip of product on the other end. The slanted tip of the Goof Proof Pencil makes it absolutely perfect for defining and outlining the eyes, as well as filling in any gaps. I do normally have to go over it with a bit of brow powder to really fill in the brows fully and get any gaps, but it is my GO TO pencil when it comes to defining my brows, which is my second step in my brow routine that I do daily.

The first step I do when it comes to brows is brushing them, so it's also really really handy that it comes with a spooly on one end. The pencil also has caps for both the tip of the product AND the spooly, which means that the spooly doesn't get dirty as is common when you leave one around without a cap (the material of the fibres makes spooly brushes prone to picking up fluff and muck, so the cap REALLY makes a big difference.